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About is a fun snake 3D game for multiple players to play on a browser. It is about you slithering your way through a snake world trying to stay alive long to win.

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The game is quite similar to – a famous snake-themed game in the iO games unblocked series. Hence, if you are a fan of that original game, you can try this version for fun. multiplayer challenges you and your friends to a fun competition

You play as a snake trying to slither your way through a world of snakes. You start as small but when you eat food in the arena, you will get bigger. Then, you can take advantage of your big body to defeat other enemy snakes.

There are some tactics for you to use to defeat enemies. For instance, you can speed up your snake to make other snakes run into your body. Or, you can circle them and make their heads touch your body. Make sure you use your tactics smartly for a chance of winning.

You have to control your finger as well as time your clicks well so you can eat food to grow up. The gameplay is quite easy but it requires your attention and reflexes when you control the snake.

Since the arena is full of snakes, you must play well to defeat other snakes. Your goal is to become the biggest snake in the arena and get to the top rank on the leaderboard. unblocked will entertain you with its amazing gameplay mechanic. Play it for fun!

How To Play

Move your snake in the arena using the mouse, WASD, and arrow keys. Use the left mouse button or spacebar to speed up.

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