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Play Stabfish.io HTML5 Online

Dermot 19 May 2021 Io Games 531

About Stabfish.io


Stabfish.io unblocked is a fascinating HTML5 online game. In this game, you are a fish and try to kill other fish. Belonging to the ocean io game genre, Stabfish.io will make you a fish.

In this game, you need to try to hunt other fishes by hitting them. The heads of the victims are placed in your weapon and every time you reach a marked number you will be upgraded your weapon and become more powerful.

However, the greater the power, the greater the responsibility. Specifically, your character’s appearance will get bigger and bigger, so be careful or other players will beat you. Moreover, you can choose the fish and name it yourself to feel more interesting when experiencing the game.

In this game, you collect dots to get points and kill other fish to score points and get upgrades. This is a fun game, so you can open your Web Browser to play Stabfish.io online for free now.

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