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Dermot 10 January 2022 Io Games 363
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The vast ocean will be the place for you to assert your talent in Take control of the powerful swordfish in this sequel to defeat every opponent on the map.

If you’ve enjoyed online before, you’ll definitely love the next version this time. unblocked is a game that owns the original gameplay but integrates new mechanics to increase the fun of playing the game.

Join the game, you will come to the swordfish arena with opponents from all over the world. As usual, the fish in the game are equipped with swords on their heads. It is also the most important weapon that allows them to destroy the enemy by crashing directly into the opponent.

Play for free, you can explore online fencing arenas with the appearance of many players. Moreover, new events and modes will satisfy the expectations of all players. You can participate in crafting, team, treasure hunting, and especially Armageddon mode.

This is one of the events that receive the most attention from players around the world. This event will take place once every hour and this is a place for experienced players to show their strength. This means that no new players will join to avoid imbalance.

This game is inherently only for those who have a passion for survival gameplay combined with non-stop fighting elements. But this second version has really made us have a different look, it’s lively, attractive and suitable for everyone. We firmly believe that Stabfish2 io is one of the battle royale io games that you should enjoy right now.

How To Play

Control the fish through the mouse, use the left or right mouse to use skills

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