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Stack Colors
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About Stack Colors

Stack Colors is a block-stacking game. You have to collect blocks with colors and then stack them so they can get to the finish line. Then, you can obtain a reward.

Stack Colors running game has a fun gameplay mechanic

You have to move in a smart way so you can collect colored blocks in this HTML5 online game. Make sure you stack colors then help them reach the finish line using your force.

Focus on collecting blocks as you play Stack Colors free online

You have to line up the block with the correct color. Besides, you can collect blocks with the same color as the ones you are holding. Try not to collect the wrong color. Make sure you will not make any mistakes so you can enter the fever mode.

When you are in this mode, you can collect blocks in one. It is also a mode that does not have obstacles. Hence, you can play the game in an easy way.

Play Stack Colors unblocked to practice your concentration and controlling skills.

How To Play Stack Colors

Move the character to the left or right by dragging the left mouse button.

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