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Dermot 30 December 2021 Io Games 871
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About is one of the games leading the style trend at the moment. You will start your battle for survival with magical pets with powers featured in the game.

Play multiplayer online, you will come to a magical world with a lot of enemies as well as surprises appearing. Here, you will start by controlling your magical pets in search of food. At the same time tame new animals to serve the fierce survival process. Initially, gathering resources is what you should aim for, then upgrade and unlock new equipment. Next is setting up windmills to generate gold, and finally taming animals in the wild. unblocked, you should pay attention to the above processes to power up your character faster. Of course, there will be a lot of unexpected factors, but try to follow the right process for the earliest results.

The pets in this game have their own unique strengths and characteristics. Therefore, you need to reach out to capture all of their information, then use the weak point to tame them as soon as possible. Once completed, you will continue to tame new types of pets in the game until you create a complete army. At this point, you can think of attacking other opponents on the map to assert your strength. Remember that this is one of the best io games online right now, so other opponents are not easy to beat. You need to be very careful in each battle because there are always stronger than you on this map. Pay attention to the rankings, you are strongest only when your name appears in the first place.

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Use arrow keys or W/A/S/D to control the character in Taming io. The virtual buttons available on the screen will make it easier for you to interact with the character

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