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About unblocked lets you play as a cunning worm slithering its way through a big map. If you already tried the first chapter, you will definitely love this second installment. In this title, you will once again fight against other worms controlled by real human players from around the world. Since you are just a small worm when spawning in the map, you must go hunt for fruit on the ground and gobble them up to get your body bigger. As you eat, you will realize how big you are. Try to avoid conflicts when eating fruit because you will not be able to handle the enemy attacks, which can cause your adventure to be over. When you want some worms out of the arena, use your long body with smart strategies and good tricks. You should have them run into you while preventing your worm from running into their tails. The longer you survive, the higher the chance you win. Play free game now!

How To Play

Direct the movement of your worm using the mouse. Use the left mouse or Q to speed up, press W to stop moving, use E for the stealth mode, and use keys 1-5 to use a smiley.

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