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Worms.lol is one of the top free-for-all snake io games inspired by Slither style. Play the new adventure and do not ignore unique rewards! More importantly, you need to become the biggest worm on the server before you take over the leaderboard! Are you ready to hop into the latest multiplayer arena and conquer the rankings? Start Worms.lol online as a tiny creature. Therefore, you have to eat as much as possible to grow. Different from Bigfoxwarz.io, you are completely able to kill big animals while you are smaller than them. What you should do is to make their head crash into your body. Speeding up in Worms.lol unblocked before you carry out your plan is also pretty useful. However, you must manage that possibility carefully or you will be the victim of somebody nearby. If you are successful, they will explode into a lot of orbs and you can approach to loot their mass. Attempt to collect those pellets fast! Note! Acceleration will reduce your length! It's time to discover your story and claim the crown!