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In a world full of worms like WormsZone.io game, you have to use your strategies and cunningness to defeat all worms for your survival. A small worm like you will not be able to survive if you have no plans to fight. Similar to Slither.io, you must go eat food first when spawning on the map. The more food you eat, the bigger you are. This is the basic step you can do to get your worm evolved. On your way hunting for food, you should avoid running into the tail of other worms because if you do, the game will be over for you. But if you are ready to eliminate them, have them run into your tail, or speed up to cut them off. Do any tricks you know to slay all enemy worms, and once they die, you can collect their food to increase your size faster. Your big goal in WormsZone.io game is to become the largest worm on the leaderboard. Much fun!