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Dermot 11 January 2022 Io Games 366
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Yohoho io game brings battles between pirates on a vast desert island. This is a place not for the weak, you have to do whatever it takes to develop your strength over time.

Pirates have always been people with different looks and personalities from ordinary people. Join the game, you will have the opportunity to become the most influential pirate on the ocean by destroying all other opponents. With the sword in hand, you will start controlling your character to grow from scratch and without any help. unblocked with the most attractive features allows you to compete with other opponents in the world.

First, learn how to fight and collect as many gold coins as possible throughout the experience. Then, your character will level up with more powerful stats than the original. So this helps you gain an advantage in confrontations with lower-level enemies. However, you will not be completely immune to attacks from lower-level opponents. But they will have a lot of trouble fighting you compared to fighting someone of the same level.

Collecting gold coins is a necessity in this multiplayer .io game. You can use the gold coins you collected in the previous level after being defeated. Use them to unlock new characters or unlock new weapons and pets that will give you a certain advantage in your next experience. I’m not sure if you can be the best pirate but do your best. In general, this game has a similar operating method to Shell Shockers or 2, so it will not be too difficult for you to play.

How To Play

Control the character's movement through the mouse, and use the left mouse button to perform attack actions

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