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Idle Noob Lumberjack
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About Idle Noob Lumberjack

Idle Noob Lumberjack lets you play as a wood collector. You have to collect a good amount of wood with other resources to build constructions and explore more lands.

Play Idle Noob Lumberjack online to present your skills

There are many skills for you to present in this arcade game. So, you should get ready to explore challenges then use the skills to vanquish them. The game looks like a Minecraft game online because it lets players express their building skills.

What are your missions in Idle Noob Lumberjack 3D?

You will do a lot of missions in this fun game. For instance, you have to make your way through the in-game world to collect a lot of resources. You can gather wood then put them on sale for money.

Besides, you also take advantage of the resources that you have found to build constructions. The more constructions you build, the larger your territory is. As you play, you can also explore new lands. They will give you more resources.

When you have more resources, you can sell them for money. Then, you can hire some minions. They are good workers because they can assist you in gathering more resources. You try to build a big territory and become a rich lumberjack in the game.

Idle Noob Lumberjack unblocked gives you a chance to play as a great builder. Show your skills and use them to obtain your goal.

How To Play Idle Noob Lumberjack

Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Use the UI in the game by clicking the left mouse button.

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