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Vex 8
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About Vex 8

Vex 8 is a free stickman jumping online adventure. Come to the new game and you can control the famous brave stickman one more time. But, be careful of all traps!

Vex 8 – one of the newest games of the Vex series

Among the Vex games online, the present game is an exciting episode. Additionally, it’s the latest installment. And, in the new chapter, you should manage your dexterity along with your speed and skills cleverly. Therefore, these are crucial elements that help you overcome every strange dangerous trap.

Free-to-play Vex 8 online and go through all the platforms with the best trophies

So, to get the trophies that you wish, you’d better launch skills and other abilities exactly. It means that you should realize and avoid traps. Besides, you can experience 9 acts and secret places before collecting trophies. Especially, there is a new infinite mode.

All and above, the Vex 8 game is completely playable! So, get ready for the coming journey and finish its obstacles as fast as possible! Can you run safely through maps? Let’s begin your levels right now!

How To Play Vex 8

Run and perform other skills with the arrow keys or WASD.

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