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Playing snake io games is so addictive. If you want to play more games like, then unblocked will be the game for you. It’s a free snake game you can play for free in a browser. free features a nice gameplay mechanic that keeps you entertained for hours. All you have to do is to grow big and kill all enemies around you to become the winner. You should focus on eating small objects that are dispersed on the ground to get your size bigger. Avoid head-on contact with other Worms when you are not ready. But when you want to kill them, make their head collide with your body or even speed up your snake to outmaneuver them and cut them off. Just make sure you will not run into their body or the map border, otherwise, your game will be over. You can join daily quests and try to conquer them to get some rewards. You aim to become the biggest worm in the arena in free game! Have fun!

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Use the mouse for the movement, use the left mouse or W to shoot mass, use the right mouse or the spacebar to speed up and F to use an item.

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