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About is the playground for the best worms in the world. You will join the endless battle with the desire to help your worm lead the leaderboard and be of great size.

Inspired by Snake games, especially, the introduction of gives players around the world an interesting choice. The gameplay of this game is quite familiar and there are no significant improvements, but the new mechanics will certainly not disappoint you. In the game, you are a small worm whose purpose is to grow to your own size. This means that you will have to move constantly and eat everything on the map to grow in size.

Wormzone io is not a game for one person but also has the appearance of other opponents around the world. Therefore, the resources in the game are divided equally for everyone and you will have to have a reasonable strategy to become the strongest worm on the map. As size grows, your speed will slow down significantly, and using Turbo will consume more energy. Therefore, the reasonable use of Turbo in each moment is also one of the tips that many people apply.

Most io games allow the player to freely customize the character during the experience. So, unblocked is no exception when it comes to bringing a lot of different deep skins. As you level up in the game, your worm can unlock new outfits that you can choose from according to your preferences. APK download is available on our website to enjoy right now. Or you can also choose to play online games through a web browser, the choice is up to you.

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Control the worm by moving the mouse. Click the left mouse button to help the character perform Turbo in a short time

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