A Koopa'S Revenge 2

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Fed up with the role of Mario as a hero in the Mushroom kingdom to do good deeds like rescuing the princess Peach, fighting against evil creatures? Want to become another character, Koopa or Bowser? Let's play A Koopa'S Revenge 2 – the next revenge of Koopa on Mario. In this funny game, Koopa must seek for the dungeon where Bowser is being captured after Mario's attacks. There are many regions he must overcome to reach the destination, and the most importance is that Mario has set lots traps and his minions in each of these regions. Let's skillfully maneuver Koopa so that he can beat all of those enemies and save Bowser, all players! Everything is ready for a long and challenging journey. Don't hesitate to go with him as he is waiting for your guidance. Let's go!