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Running Fred Lite
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About Running Fred Lite

A little boy called Fred accidentally entered a dungeon which was designed by some intelligent monsters. It’s revealed that the dungeon is full of deadly traps like sharp spikes, blades, barbed wires, and others. That’s why you, players of Running Fred Lite are here to guide Fred through all of those dangers and help him turn back home. The most fearful thing when getting lost in this dungeon is that he must very fast run to escape from the Death. Thus, try not to let him bang into walls, poles and other hard obstacles along the way, or his speed will slow down, and the Death will rapidly catch him. Take advantage of some positive arrows somewhere to boost his speed. Jump over, slide under or jump over all of the hazardous traps, remember! Get ready? Let’s go!

How To Play Running Fred Lite

Use the left and right arrow keys to move.
The spacebar is to jump.

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