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The Goo From Goo Lagoon
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About The Goo From Goo Lagoon

All players, pay attention! You are surely interested in our adventure to restore the lost memory with goo lagoon games. Deep down in the ocean, the mother of nature is surrounded by a total darkness. Strangely, No one knows the reason why. There must be something making that part of memory drifting away. Spongebob in a special diving suit is trying to grab bubles which contain everyone’s memory. Help him to take back the memory and find out the cause of this disaster! Move the mouse around to catch those. Remember not to hit the riffle of stone or else, the fuel for the journey will be reduced greatly, results in the halted mission and you, therefore, would fail to regain the memory back for those poor victims. Come on! Fighting to bring back the peaceful ocean through play goo lagoon online now!

How To Play The Goo From Goo Lagoon

Move the mouse carefully in order not to touch the wall

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