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Jumping Chicks Counting
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About Jumping Chicks Counting

Help the chicken become the champion in Jumping Chicks Counting. This is a math game where you will calculate the match to help your chicken move to the finish line safely.

The operation of Jumping Chicks Counting unblocked is quite similar to the usual counting games. Your task is to receive the correct number, thereby choosing a safe landing point for your chicken. Just choose the wrong landing point, the chicken will plunge into the river and you will be far behind other opponents.

Each metric given will determine the destination of the chicken in each jump. You need to observe the most accurate destination based on the number of water hyacinth leaves available, there are four choices and only one correct choice. This means that not only do you need agility, but accuracy is also the most important factor.

If you accidentally fall into the river after choosing incorrectly, you will still start over from that position. Thanks to that, you will not need to play the game from the beginning, but at the same time have been surpassed by your opponent.

The match in this multiplayer game ends only when one chicken reaches the finish line first. And the order of each player will decide in turn after each next touch of the finish line. Therefore, we believe that the competition in this animal online game is enough for you to feel interesting.

Jumping Chicks Counting for kids will help you practice judgment as well as make quick decisions. Try participating in competitive matches with other players around the world for your own pleasure. Are you strong enough to complete all available challenges and get a perfect score in each level?

How To Play Jumping Chicks Counting

Use the left mouse button to help the chicken move safely on the river

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