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About UFOz

UFOz is a free online space iO game where you can find out tons of power-ups easily and take the role of an alien. You have invaded the Earth. Don’t skip the presence of your rivals! They come from around the world and they will attack the city along with you. However, you need to defeat all of them to become the strongest player ever. Play UFOz unblocked you will be able to take over the leaderboard if you suck the most people and everything on the ground. Items that you can collect will include buildings, trees, and even animals. They are really useful and safe to increase your experience point. In UFOz, your suction power will be improved if your UFO is upgraded. There are 8 levels that you can unlock to get a better vehicle. Are you ready to engage in an exciting competition like and dominate? Good luck!

How To Play UFOz

Use the mouse to move around, Left-click to perform your action.

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