Privacy Policy at Y3 Games is the policy on how we collect and manage user information. If you accept it, feel free to find and play free online games here.

Privacy Policy at covers important information regarding user information and how we work on it. It is important to let people know what we do with personal information, and this is for no other purpose than to enhance your experience here.

Please review these carefully to ensure healthy and fruitful cooperation between us. Do not hesitate to share with us your questions or suggestions about the privacy policy or any other similar issues when using our website.

We collect your information, but what is it?

We know that anyone is concerned about having their personal information compromised in any situation. So we’ll explain what we do to collect your personal information at Y3 Games, where you can play free online games of many types with other gamers.

The information we will collect from you includes:

Account Information: Includes your display name, profile picture, Gmail address, and other information that you used to register for an account at our website. But we do not ask you to provide real information, you can completely use fake information and take responsibility for it.

Activity Log: It includes games you’ve played, ads you’ve clicked, things you’ve shared on your account, and comments below games… We have a way to record these activities and it is completely safe for your device and privacy.

Why do we need user information at Y3 Games?

So what do we collect this information about you for? We want to explain it clearly so that anyone can understand and be comfortable with it. But if you are not satisfied with the way we do things, you have the right to ask us to stop collecting your information.

Firstly, we need to store user information on our website to keep in touch. We may send notifications to users through their Gmail addresses. This could be announcements about new events, games, updates, or bug fixes on this website.

Second, you can comment on our website and connect with other online players. That’s what we’ve created thanks to algorithms that store the content of your comments. So the connection is always guaranteed for you to have a pleasant experience with others.

Third, we rely on the games and ads you’ve clicked on to recommend options that match your interests. For example, if you have ever played io games or adventure games, we will constantly suggest you other games under these two topics for you to pick up and play quickly.

Fourth, we keep a log of user activity to control the content on our website. If there is any illegal content, we will remove it to ensure a healthy experience for everyone. This is important because there are many young players at our site. We don’t want any negative effect on them and all gamers of all ages.

Privacy policies are subject to change at any time

We cannot guarantee that the privacy policies will always stay the same. Because changes are always necessary to make them suitable for the current situation of the website. As a result, we may have updates or changes to the policies or terms at Y3 Games.

But we do not do it for any personal purpose, we rely on the sharing and recommendations from users. Besides, the changes always ensure the interests of both parties, you and us. And if you do not agree with those changes, you can email us with your suggestions.

We always encourage users to share their opinions on any matter at this site, including policies and terms. That will help improve the gamer’s experience at this site and our reputation. We would like to thank you for your cooperation and love!