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Bejeweled HD
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About Bejeweled HD

The classic diamond puzzle game has been remade on the web browser as Bejeweled HD. You will be the owner of valuable diamonds by collecting them in match-3 challenges.

We believe that everyone in the world knows the true value of a diamond. They are among the most valuable gems on the planet and not everyone is lucky enough to own a diamond even once. Coming to Bejeweled HD unblocked online, you will have the opportunity to admire diamonds in different colors. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to own them by performing match-3-style on-screen pairing operations. Your goal is to match as many diamonds as possible to get the highest score in this jewel puzzle game.

Play Bejeweled HD free online, you will choose between two different game modes to experience. Those are Classic and Speed modes, they have different modes of operation, so choose carefully. First, with Classic mode, you can freely match the diamonds until you reach the highest score. Speed mode is a bit more difficult when you only have 1 short minute to perform your level. In some cases, valuable diamonds on the screen will give you an extra 5 seconds.

In general, Speed mode is really only for players who are professional or want to find more challenging challenges when playing the game. If you are a new player, you should choose Classic mode so that you do not feel too pressured the first time you enjoy it. Make the diamonds disappear on the screen in your own way. If you feel stuck, use the built-in Hint feature to solve the problem immediately.

How To Play Bejeweled HD

You can use the mouse to do diamond matching in the game

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