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Guess Who?
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About Guess Who?

Test your guesses in Guess Who unblocked and win every other player. Your task is to guess who your opponent is with clever questions and tricks before they guess you.

Want to challenge yourself in a fun brain game? Then this game is right for you, where you can play against many online gamers in “Guess Who?” prank. You and another competitor will have a test of identity by asking and answering questions.

You can choose to play against AI or an online opponent, depending on your preference. But no matter how you play, your task is to guess who your opponent is. You will choose intelligent questions to gradually remove objects on the screen. Next is to use your judgment to point out the opponent’s face.

Your opponent can also do the same to you in this classic board game. They will ask questions and ask you for honest answers. However, speed is what determines who wins. Therefore, you need to choose smart questions to get more information, thereby shortening the judgment process.

You can play this HTML5 multiplayer online game anywhere and anytime. You will defeat your opponents in turn in the blink of an eye. But don’t be complacent after your victory. Victory or defeat can come in just a few seconds, you don’t have much opportunity to correct mistakes.

Guess Who is always an interesting challenge for every gamer, not only for fun but also for intellectual training. Join it now and test your detective skills. Someone is hiding behind the computer screen to challenge you, guess who they are.

How To Play Guess Who?

Click to interact with the question and answer system

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