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Dermot 17 February 2023 Puzzle Games 934
Hexaquatic Kraken
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About Hexaquatic Kraken

Play Hexaquatic Kraken online and experience it on your browsers in your way for free. The objective of stages is to achieve the target points by setting free fish.

Hexaquatic Kraken is a match-3 game taking place in the deep of the sea

Your Hexaquatic Kraken unblocked game will bring you to an interesting adventure under the water. Moreover, it’s an enchanting place to check out your thinking ability. Furthermore, you need to pop hexagon blocks to save fish and increase your points.

Hexaquatic Kraken game unblocked comprises a series of exciting puzzles

In addition to saving fish in your action game online, you must guard the ocean and beat the Kraken. And, before you finish quests, please solve puzzles first by dragging Left Mouse through the same tiles! Especially, you should pay attention to the target that levels ask you to fulfill.

Generally, Hexaquatic Kraken match 3 game has fantastic gameplay and good-looking graphics, with cool music. Are you willing to give these creatures a hand? Let’s travel through the sea and conquer your goal as fast as you can!

How To Play Hexaquatic Kraken

Connect the same tiles with your Left Mouse to set free fish

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