Paint Sponges Puzzle

2020-08-05 951 Plays 0% comment(s)

Paint Sponges Puzzle unblocked is one of the toughest Puzzle games online that is compatible with the desktop browser. You can play Paint Sponges Puzzle game online for free on Y3 Games to experience crazy levels, or you can play it in a browser if you want. Although it is a challenging game, it's still fun to master.

The game features 90 different levels with increasing difficulties. Your mission here is to control a sponge to paint the maze-like arena. Make sure you fill all the empty tiles with your color and get to the final exit to complete a level then proceed to the next one. For the first levels, you may find them easier to complete and you can beat them in just a few seconds. But, when you get to higher levels, the difficulties will be increased. On these levels, you have to think then calculate your moves first before moving your sponge to paint the arena. If you let any tiles be empty, you cannot finish that level, so try your best to conquer it. Come play Paint Sponges Puzzle game now then see how many levels you will beat! Have fun with it! Good luck!