Papa's Donuteria

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Papa's Donuteria game definitely meets honey's fancy on a cool, amusing and simple play. Play papa's donuteria to turn your desire of serving customers to gain benefits simultaneously obtain much enjoyment! The process would be quite simple. First, attendants are there to take the orders, note down the required materials, the donuts' shapes and the flavors. Afterwards, implement the work by following the instructions from roll the pastry, frame it with different patterns, fry in oil, wait till the right time then remove the cakes out, add the ingredients, then cream them. Do not ignore of the duty or else the mass zeal of work will result in nothing. Finally, deliver the products to the customer and see how much bonus of money you probably gain on satisfying their demand. The more delightful they are, the more profit your Donuteria earns. Check out the cooking talent with Y3 games hurriedly buddies! Good luck!