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Papa’s Freezeria
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About Papa’s Freezeria

Papa’s Freezeria locates on a beautiful beach and is famous for the yummy ice cream. Play Papa’s Freezeria immediately! In fact, Papa has just boarded a ship for a cruise for a while. Unfortunately, the tourism season reaches its peak, and now you are responsible for running the confectionery shop whilst he is away. Are you confident in your capacity in preparing the tasty cups of ice cream for such a large number of guests? Check out the answer with our y3 games right this moment dearies! Sure much joyfulness would rejoice your morale then. The rule seems quite easy. Take the order first; afterwards, add the flavors, as well as ingredients, in accordance to the demand. Eventually, deliver the deed to the customers and see how much tip they bonus you! The more satisfied they are, the more profit you certainly earn for the Papa’ Freezeria. Wish you a good time!

How To Play Papa’s Freezeria

Use your mouse to perform the task there.

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