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Squid Mahjong Connect 2
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About Squid Mahjong Connect 2

Squid Mahjong Connect 2 is one of the mahjong games online that you shouldn’t miss. It gives you another chance to meet up with all the dangerous characters again.

There are plenty of fantastic levels in this challenge. Meanwhile, the initial stage only introduces to the player some familiar characters from squid game. However, the gameplay is pretty different.

In fact, you will have to match identical tiles from the outside of the playing board first. After that, you’re able to clear blocks inside. While getting rid of them from your mahjong puzzle game, remember to watch over the timer! You will win if you finish the puzzle before you run out of time.

Besides, you can utilize the Hint and the Shuffle buttons at any time when you cannot continue solving the rest. Furthermore, you will gain time bonuses if you make the target disappear quickly.

Play Squid Mahjong Connect 2 free online on browsers and you should gather as many scores as possible. Shall you unlock every level in the shortest time? Open your playfield and click on items now!

How To Play Squid Mahjong Connect 2

Match identical characters in-game by using Left Mouse.

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