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Bumper Cars
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About Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars is a free classic racing iO game where you will compete against multiple online rivals at once. The mission is to become the ultimate player on the level. It is not a normal competition but a fight. In which, you are forced to survive at all costs. Accelerate with a futuristic vehicle and you will defend it from every hostile alien. You’d better think and act faster than your opponents to increase your survivability. Aside from outmaneuvering them, you are also able to smash into their means and push them off the edge of the arena.

Play Bumper Cars unblocked you will win if you are the last standing character. So, any competitor can do the same for you. To stay alive and gain the highest score, you should move skillfully and dodge their hits promptly. Especially, it is possible to grow in size when you are successful in causing damage to the target. It is similar to stealing the mass of adversaries in Have fun!

How To Play Bumper Cars

Choose WASD or Arrow keys to drive the car, Spacebar to boost speed.

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