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Drift F1
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About Drift F1

Drift F1 game online is a single-player driving challenge with the first stage set in the sky. The goal of the current levels is to drive your car to the goal area.

Drift F1 is a racing game where you must show your mouse skill

Exactly, play Drift F1 free online and you will choose the left mouse button to make the vehicle go ahead or go back. As well, it’s helpful for you to overcome turns or obstacles. More importantly, you must head to the finish line without falling off the track.

Drift F1 game unblocked shows everything in front of the players’ eyes

Thus, it’s a top-down playfield and you can see the entire racing track easily. Hence, it’s simple for skilled players to beat the mission. Additionally, it’s feasible to open up the next challenge sooner. However, you’d better act carefully. Or, you can lose if you cannot dodge dangers in time.

In summary, Drift F1 online is a free game. And, it is ready to test your driving abilities. Start to master how to balance the car and search for the highest score now!

How To Play Drift F1

Click your left mouse button on the car to move it Release that mouse button to make it go back

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