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Dermot 18 May 2021 Racing Games 1655
Duck Life 6: Space
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About Duck Life 6: Space

After the success of the Duck Life series, Duck Life 6: Space unblocked is released. You can assure that you can play this game enjoyable.

Duck Life 6: Space is in the type of HTML5 game. In this game, your duck lost a crown and you have to help it to retrieve its crown. Let training your duck and making it become more and more powerful. Therefore, It can run, swimming, flying, climbing and jumping after training. You will go with your duck into the space tournament, fight against other creatures and get your crown. Going with them and discover new planets as much as you can. Moreover, you can collect the coins while playing and buy other members and become an unstoppable group. This game is really cutie and has fun gameplay. Therefore, it is really suitable for you to play and relax. So, why don’t you open it and try it?. You can enjoy DuckLife’s adventure-free online game on Web Browser.

How To Play Duck Life 6: Space

Use your mouse to feed your ducks, move it or send them into space. Use arrow keys to play and train them in those programs.

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