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Air Wars 3
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About Air Wars 3

Air Wars 3 is the place for you to show off flying and fighting in the air. You can go head-to-head with online multiplayer, unlock tons of cool fighters, and level up.

Fierce air battles are no longer something only in the movies. Now, you can enjoy them in this online game and unleash your talents. Just go in and play right away or take a moment to sign up for an account to store your experience and continue it all the time.

This is a real playground for professional pilots. You must master your plane and use the weapons to finish all opponents. While fighting, be careful on all sides to dominate the battlefield, limit missile raids from afar, and navigate the battle according to your strategy.

Your victories will make achievements for promotion, and also give you bonuses. Air Wars 3 online gives you many opportunities to make use of your money, which are unique fighter models and upgradeability. So, you can buy your favorite plane and upgrade it to be stronger every day.

This air wars game not only has good gameplay but also has an impressive graphic style. It is designed with a 3D platform, so the image is sharp, the movement is smooth, the combat effects are also very vivid. All enough to create an alluring battle party in your vast sky.

If you are looking for online plane wars, Air Wars 3 unblocked is the place to be. So, you can try flying many of the finest aircraft models and participate in fast-paced adventures. Conquer the skies by eliminating every opponent in your sight and finishing their planes with modern weapons!

How To Play Air Wars 3

Click AD or left/right arrow to control the plane, click W or up arrow to accelerate, left click to attack

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