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Bank Robbery 3
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About Bank Robbery 3

Bank Robbery 3 is another chapter of the series. After Bank Robbery 2 ends, you now have a new opportunity to try out a more exciting challenge online for free.

After the new gun game begins, you need to shoot to remove all appearing rivals. In addition to attacking, remember to crouch and dodge! Avoiding will allow you to rob more and survive. Aside from that, don’t forget to interact with the things available!

Get ready to play Bank Robbery 3 full screen, explore your newest episode, and loot the most rewards!

How To Play Bank Robbery 3

  • Walk around the place with WASD
  • Click the Left Mouse to inflict damage
  • Click the Right Mouse to aim
  • Run instead of walking with Left-shift
  • Crouch to avoid or hide with C
  • Interact by hitting E
  • Use the mouse wheel to use a different weapon

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