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Shot in the Dark
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About Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark unblocked is an arcade game about western story of a cowboy in an apocalypse world. Easy playing style and a catching pixel platform will bring you lots of fun and exciting experiences. Play Shot in the Dark free online on browser platform now.

So, you, as a bandit, is the last hope of your town against the evil embracing everywhere. You must go deeper and deeper to eradicate all the enemies. The more you involve in, the more dangerous it will be. Besides, your marksmanship will be performed by shooting right in the devil’s head with an only revolver. However, you should beware of them as they are hiding in the fog, sneaking in the dark with red eyes or invisible with only reflection on the water.

In Shot in the Dark, there are several doors to open throughout the game and each time you pass one, you will respawn right there when the enemies eliminate you. Therefore, play wisely or you must start over again. Save people from the darkness and get your revenge!

How To Play Shot in the Dark

WASD to Move. Right Mouse to Aim. Left Mouse to Shoot. R to Reload.

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