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Getting Over It
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About Getting Over It

Getting Over It unblocked is a game inspired by the same name from publisher Bennett Foddy. But it’s more fun for you to enjoy an unprecedented climbing experience.

The game Getting Over It was a fever in the game market, and now, you will play it in a new context. You are a cat and have to climb the mountain with your hammer. It’s relatively easier than the climbing experience when you’re a potted man.

Although inspired by other games, Getting Over It for kids is still a creative game. It designed colorful visuals to replace the gloomy scenery of the old game. It is also easier in terms of gameplay for everyone to easily access. So, pick up your hammer and start your journey to the top of the mountain.

Your task is to take advantage of the hammer’s thrust to move from low to high. But with just one small mistake, you can fall from the top and have to start all over again. Don’t get mad about it, because it’s a test of your patience. Patience counts for all, including your victory in this HTML5 online.

Like every other online game, you can play it in a web browser here. Just click to control the hammer and move, but you may have difficulty with high cliffs. So speed is something you should refrain from, slow but sure is the first rule.

If you want to challenge yourself in a long-term brain game, Getting Over It is the most interesting choice. This animal online game will make you angry, happy or satisfied depending on the situation in your journey.

How To Play Getting Over It

Left click to use hammer and move through segments

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