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Rhythm Race
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About Rhythm Race

As the name suggests, Rhythm Race offers colorful races combined with distinctive musical elements. You will help your car reach the finish line safely and get a high score.

Play Rhythm Race online, you will come to future races with the appearance of beautiful neon elements. In the races, you need to do everything to help your car reach the finish line in the shortest time to achieve a high score. Not just the usual races, there are many colorful neon lines appearing on the screen. Therefore, you need to switch states for your car if you want to reach the highest speed at each moment. The operation of Rhythm Race unblocked is quite simple, you just need to use the QWERTY buttons. This will change the color of the car to the color of the neon lines.

If you have trouble getting used to the races in the game, you can use the menu button available on the screen to change the difficulty accordingly. There are three difficulty levels that you can customize through this game, which are easy, medium, and hard. Rhythm Race 2D is a music game so it has 20 original songs with different genres for players to explore freely. Join the game, you can enjoy synth-wave, heavy rock, and ambient music. Besides diverse sounds, the graphics quality of Rhythm Race also really makes us feel satisfied. The futuristic neon colorful scenes will definitely be the highlight to help you feel the excitement of playing the game. Currently, this game is available on the web browser with all the best features, or you can also enjoy it through Steam.

How To Play Rhythm Race

Use the QWERTY buttons on the keyboard to change the vehicle's status accordingly. Sometimes you need to press the Space button to get past the dots on the screen

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