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Time Shooter 2
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About Time Shooter 2

There is no time to run away in Time Shooter 2, you need to act immediately to survive. The main character has been surrounded by hostile forces, you need to rescue him now.

Time Shooter 2 unblocked is a fun first-person shooter game on the web browser. In the game, your task is to control the main character to defeat all enemies in front of you to survive. This is not a simple challenge, because it is only you who are fighting a strong army of enemies.

A special feature in this shooting game is that the time has changed compared to reality. Each shot action will be in a characteristic slo-mo style so you can feel it most intuitively. Accordingly, the slowness of time will make you more focused than ever.

Like the usual survival 3D games, this game requires you to act alone if you want to ensure safety. Besides attacking the enemy, you need to control the character to dodge the bullets coming from the enemy. What they all have in common is that they move very slowly so you’ll have time to react accordingly.

Basically, you can use a variety of weapons to fight enemies during the experience. Play Time Shooter 2 online, you can use a pistol, a machine gun, or even an ax to attack your opponent. Moreover, with just one precise attack, you can make them crumble in an instant.

Time Shooter 2 has all the essentials of a first-person shooter game. This game offers difficult tasks, along with a characteristic slo-mo style that will surely make you feel extremely excited. Play the game through your web browser and be ready to take down any opponent that stands in your way.

How To Play Time Shooter 2

Use WASD or arrow keys to help the character move Left-click to pick up a weapon or shoot action, right-click to throw weapon

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