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About Multiplayer

Returning to the worm battles in Multiplayer will make you feel excited. There is no tolerance at all, you need to beat all other opponents to win this game.

The way this game works is quite simple for anyone to access. You simply control your worm to eat colorful circles on the map to grow. The larger the size of the worm, the greater the chance of defeating other opponents, so move wisely.

The appearance of other opponents in Multiplayer unblocked will make things much more difficult. But believe me, that is the highlight that makes HTML5 io games attractive to players. You need to show your control skills and stay at the top of the leaderboard for as long as possible.

Besides the familiar elements, this game also adds a lot of new content to attract more players. For example, you will see the appearance of powerful Bosses after a period of time. At this point, all the worms on the map need to work together to destroy the Boss to receive valuable rewards.

Furthermore, you can access the SkinShop section after each level to unlock new worms. There are many categories divided into different categories such as Legend, Epic, Rare and Ordinary for you to choose from. In addition, the SkillShop section will help you unlock new skills for your worm during the battle.

Play Multiplayer online, you will quickly realize the innovation in many contents compared to previous versions. If you are looking for a snake game with many new changes, this will be a suitable choice. Are you ready to enjoy the new experiences that Multiplayer brings?

How To Play Multiplayer

Use your mouse to navigate the worm, press X to use special skills

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