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Tanuki Sunset
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About Tanuki Sunset

Play Tanuki Sunset online and conquer every area in the current game to win! Not only that, please don’t forget to do tricks if you wish to gather the best point!

Tanuki Sunset is a 3D unblocked skateboard game that will grant you a great time

It’s a sports game online where every player needs to skateboard downhill to complete their challenge. At the start, you will direct a raccoon and you should know how to turn. Otherwise, you can get into trouble with danger.

Have fun with Tanuki Sunset and remember to pick up items!

Thus, it’s one of the skateboard games. So, you’re capable of showing skills to dodge dangerous objects and collect coins. Moreover, a roulette will pop up to achieve bonus scores if you fill up the points meter. Meanwhile, making jumps with tricks is also helpful to improve your result.

Shall you end turns in 3D Tanuki Sunset game in a safe way? During your adventure, you will get more scores if you show more tricks. Let’s begin your race and master your tool now!

How To Play Tanuki Sunset

Move the skateboard with A, D, or Left, Right arrow keys Use speed stance with the Up arrow or W Slide in 180 degrees with the Down arrow or S Drift through the game with Spacebar Pause the race with Esc

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