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Age of Defense 3
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About Age of Defense 3

Age of Defense 3 game is a real-time survival match that will come in various stages. Command a group of people and defend your base against the opposite troop!

Age of Defense 3 is a game with an energetic challenge

It means that you have to always prevent the other enemies from destroying your land. Moreover, you can make a plan in Age of Defense 3 no flash game to do the same. In other words, you will send your warriors or soldiers to the neighbors to remove them.

Age of Defense 3 is a strategic fight affecting your survival

In summary, it is a strategy game online. Therefore, it’s crucial for the player to attack or defend in a careful way. Besides, you can prove your commanding ability through multiple levels.

In addition to that, you can evolve and own better clans. And, they are important upgrades to help you progress or win against your rivals faster. Don’t forget to launch the right units to end the battle sooner!

Shall you enjoy Age of Defense 3 and clear every enemy on your track? Good luck!

How To Play Age of Defense 3

Launch units with Left Mouse Scroll the map to view it clearly with A, D or Left, Right arrow keys

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