Buzzy Bees

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Buzzy Bees is a free-for-all strategy io game. In which, you can team up with allies if necessary. Start off with a small creature and you are joining a competitive match where you must defeat every opponent first. To become the winner and take over the leaderboard inBuzzy Bees unblocked,you'd better collect the most pollen. It is the most important resource to make hives. It is feasible to place your base after you save enough materials! What you gather will help you gain honey which can be shared with friends. You should work together with those buddies if you want to put up the biggest and strongest house around. Play Buzzy Bees online it is easy to find out the enemy! It is simple to shoot at them! Attempt to prevent the foes from ruining your achievements and survive! Additionally, you are recommended to keep upgrading the health and other items. Good luck!