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Funny Battle Simulator
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About Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator is an army-controlling game. You have to make an army full of strong soldiers and make use of your strategies with weapons to defeat enemies.

Funny Battle Simulator is fun yet challenging with an intense battle

This is an action game where you must perform good actions as well as good skills to defeat your opponents. When you play 3D Funny Battle Simulator online, you need to watch out for your surroundings since the enemies are quite strong.

Play it with good actions and tactical skills in Funny Battle Simulator game

The first thing you need to focus on is building an army. It is because an army is the main element that matters all. So, you need to create one then use it in a smart way.

After building an army, you will start to command it. There are also lots of soldiers that you can put into your army. Besides, you can add Cyclops as well as Spartans. They are strong soldiers that will help you defeat enemies.

You need to make sure you command the army well and let it launch grenades at enemies. Each soldier class has its own abilities. For instance, they can launch grenades, crush enemies, or even launch arrows.

Funny Battle Simulator unblocked is a game with a good chance for you to express your strategic skills.

How To Play Funny Battle Simulator

Make a unit using the left mouse button. Delete a unit using the right mouse and Ctrl. Move the camera with WASD. Accelerate the movement of the camera using Shift. Rotate the camera by holding the right mouse, Q, or E. Zoom in or out using the mouse wheel scroll.

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