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Futurefunk is one of the newest strategy iO games where humans and zombies will have to compete against each other to find out the winner. Actually, you are taking part in an interesting deathmatch that you will be only able to conquer after you complete your mission. The objective of you in Futurefunk unblocked will depend on the role that you are assigned. Indeed, you must survive the infection or spread it over the realm. The challenge will be started when somebody is selected to be a starter undead. And that character will begin to seek and infect the rest. If you are an ordinary man when you play Futurefunk free online, you should avoid him or you will be changed into a walking corpse. Try to stay alive at the end and you can win and even save the whole team! If you want to know your responsibility in the current title, please join and remember to share it with your friends!