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Gem Craft
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About Gem Craft

In GemCraft, lots of innocent people of a village will soon have to suffer misery as the Dark Lord is preparing to cover their sky by the horrible darkness. Monsters are being summoned from mysterious caves to the village by his power to occupy powerful gems, and if all of those stones disappear, the darkness will spread out everywhere. It’s supposed that these gems are the vital source to keep the peace here. Let’s deploy strong tower defenses to protect them, all players! One special point is that the tower defenses are exactly the other colored gems which are created by activating the Fireball. After hitting this object, the players will be supplied with a few stones. Set them in marked slots to automatically assault the upcoming enemies. It’s time to commence the struggle against them! Enjoy GemCraft and good luck!

How To Play Gem Craft

Use the left mouse to play the game.

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