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In free online, you are tasked with building factories for automating the creation and combination of shapes. unblocked is one of the best io games you can play for free to show your skills. The game features lots of colors you can mix and match. Feel free to combine them then use them to paint the shapes. If you are a color lover, you will love the game for sure as it takes you to a colorful world where you can create more colors based on the given colors. Once you have done with mixing the colors, quickly use them to paint the shapes so you can obtain the game objective. Try your best to scale up your factory to fit the needs. Don’t forget to collect resources and utilize them to extend in the huge map. You can unlock upgrades then use them to accelerate your factory. Play game for free then see how fast you can obtain the game objective! Have fun!

How To Play

Interact with objects and scale up the factory using the mouse.

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