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Alula 23 February 2021 Strategy 594
Star Rebellion
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About Star Rebellion

Most boys who are interested in spectacular action games wish to try feelings of role-playing a commander to lead their troop to the victory in various battles. So, spend time on Star Rebellion – a tower defense-related strategy game, all boys! Not different from conventional TD games, Star Rebellion asks its players to set turrets in strategic slots of the battleground to show spectacular attacks on enemies while keeping the home fort safe. Remember that the most significance is still to beat the whole hostile army. It’s noticeable that building the turrets needs crystals and energy. Hence, it’s needful to enhance the home troop’s energy and refineries along with producing crystals. Everything is ready for a cliffhanging battle. Click to experience the most exciting moments with the action game as the talented commander right away!

How To Play Star Rebellion

Star Rebellion is enjoyed by using the left mouse.

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