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Airport Clash 3D
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About Airport Clash 3D

If you want to play a new outstanding shooter game packed with actions, then Airport Clash 3D unblocked will be a great choice for you. The game is made by the creators of Subway Clash 3D, promising to bring you a tough battle with different challenges. In this game title, you become a leader of many raiders, whose mission is to take over a deserted airport terminal from an enemy gang. You are armed with some unique weapons to dish out damage to your opponents, like Gatling gun or Barret rifle. You should make use of them to get an upper hand on other players. Watch out for their shots at the same time because they will attack you if they have a chance. You should keep yourself upgraded after every fight you have won. This will grow your devastating power! Also, you can use points to improve your health, making you stronger than ever. Will you outmaneuver the entire rival gang? Play Airport Clash 3D free game now! Much fun!

How To Play Airport Clash 3D

Direct the movement of your character using arrow keys or WASD. Use C to crouch, spacebar to jump, Tab for the stats, and the right mouse button for the sniper zoom.

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