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Cute Elements
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About Cute Elements

Cute Elements is a web browser puzzle game where you have to help the protagonist rescue his friends. Solve puzzles from easy to difficult by using your thinking.

The main character in Cute Elements HTML5 is a strange creature, you can think of him as a water element. With his entire body covered in water, this guy is having a hard time rescuing his friends. You need to give him a hand by changing the position of the crates on the screen.

The entire level in the game will take place from easy to difficult so you can access the gameplay from the first time. Basically, each level will give you a key and a lock. Collect as many keys and locks to get closer to rescuing your friends.

All you need to do in this game is destroy or move the location of the containers. Because the main character is a water element, he is able to creep into the smallest areas. Each level will have the same mechanics, but the location of the containers will change to make it more difficult.

After each level, you can also unlock many fun costumes and accessories for your character. Changing the costume for the water element in this puzzle game online will make you feel more interesting when enjoying it. At the same time, new titles and achievements will also be unlocked according to your progress.

Play Cute Elements online, you will have the opportunity to apply thinking to solve logic puzzles that appear from easy to difficult. Each puzzle requires you to continuously interact with the containers on the screen, thereby making rational decisions to win.

How To Play Cute Elements

Use the left mouse button to interact with the main character and objects on the screen

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