Please carefully read the Terms of Use at Y3 games and send us your suggestions if any. Our terms will help control and enhance your experience with games.

At Y3 games, we have terms of use that you need to learn before using our website. It includes our respect for copyright, your rights and obligations with respect to personal information, and our disclaimer.

These terms are important to ensure cooperation between us and the users of this website. You need to comply with them if you want to continue playing free online games here. If you do not comply, we will forcibly remove you from the list of players.

Our copyright and the responsibility of the user for it

As you know, Y3 games is a place to share with everyone online games on many different topics. Gamers can come here, search for their favorite game and play it right in the browser with no downloads or fees. That is why our website is loved by many online gamers.

However, in order for the website to function effectively and provide value to its users, we need to have rules what is listed in our privacy policy and terms of use. With the terms, we’ll clarify them right now.

First, we want you to know what belongs on our site and what doesn’t. For what is not under our copyright, you have the right to share them anywhere with your friends without our permission.

On the contrary, it is your responsibility to respect what is our copyright. You can only share them with our permission and please specify the website source or author’s name. Before that, please email for permission.

So, what is not and is our copyright? On this website, games, images and videos are owned by other sources. We just collect them and share them with everyone, so it’s not our copyright.

However, all textual content and even this website belongs to us. You can find brief descriptions of the game, how to play, and our reviews below each game. That’s what belongs to our copyright that you need to respect.

If we detect cases of copyright infringement, we will send emails to the infringers. If such misconduct continues, we will have corresponding penalties, such as removing players from the site or permanently banning their accounts.

You have all rights to what belongs to you

We have a responsibility to respect all that belongs to you as well as many other players here. These include your personal information, account, comments, content posted on your account. You have the right to edit, delete, add them or even, you can ask us to stop collecting your information.

In addition, we also have methods to protect users’ information. But we always need your cooperation and support to keep everything safe and secure. Please do not share your account information with anyone and notify us as soon as there is a breach of personal information.

However, we disclaim responsibility for what belongs to you. You are responsible for all content posted before the law if there is any problem. Therefore, please do not post illegal content, including images, text and videos related to sex, sexuality, violence and more.

We will remove all bad content from our website to ensure a healthy environment for everyone’s entertainment. Furthermore, we will handle all violations and remove them from access to our website. Hope you understand this and have the right behavior.

But please note, these terms are subject to change at any time. We may update the new terms based on user opinions and our views. However, we will notify you of changes as soon as possible.

So, if you have understood the terms of use, we wish you a pleasant entertainment at Y3 games. We are always trying to update new online games and improve the website to give you a perfect experience.