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About TankCraft

TankCraft 2D game is a battle between you and a bad tank. So, that enemy infected your teammates. Now, you should search for the foe and clear it as soon as you can.

Battle in the TankCraft game against the zombies

Because your tank mates turned into monsters, you must prevent that from happening to the rest. For that reason, you will find the boss hiding in the tank action online game and eliminate it quickly. So, it’s important to get a powerful tank before facing the enemy.

Build the best tank in the 2D TankCraft game and own a cool gun

The fact that you should equip yourself with a super gun and a strong vehicle. Actually, both of them will allow you to cause the most dangerous hits and help you end the fight sooner. At the same time, you shouldn’t miss the super boosters.

TankCraft is a great online battle zombies game that you can explore for free right now. To rescue the other tank mates, let’s embark on that exciting combat and complete it rapidly! Good luck!

How To Play TankCraft

Select the A and D keys or the keyboard Left and right arrows to move the tank around. Tap the Up arrow key or W to control the gun. Left-click or use SPACE to shoot. Manage the booster with ZXC or 1, 2, 3.

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