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Throw Knife 3D
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About Throw Knife 3D

Throw Knife 3D is a stick man 3D game. And, it needs the player to click at the right time so the protagonist can land on knives and jump to the top of the column.

Throw Knife 3D is a multiplayer game happening on a sunny beach

In the beginning, you will play Throw Knife 3D unblocked by yourself Additionally, it may be the training before the real challenge occurs. Therefore, it will be a great stage for you to practice and make your throwing ability better.

After that, you can participate in the thrilling Throw Knife 3D game with another. Not only that, you are able to perform your throwing talent to set up safe stairs for your character.

Throw Knife 3D is a free-to-play game with a large number of stages

Presently, you can experience plenty of levels in the new Y3 game. And, in each of the stages that you have unlocked, you must master clicking, holding, and releasing Left Mouse Button. Actually, it’s useful to level up and survive.

Throw Knife 3D free to play is a game with lots of fun waiting for you and other rivals to join. Good luck!

How To Play Throw Knife 3D

Hold Left-click to throw knives and release it to stop throwing.

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