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Achievement Unlocked 2
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About Achievement Unlocked 2

Help the big, blue elephant complete his journey with unblocked game, guys! Your mission today come to an end when you successfully collect all gold coins, buy stuffs in the market then return him back home safely. Be aware of the spikes. You lose his life whenever unfortunately fall into them. Nonetheless, there are unlimited lives bestowed to this elephant, then, do not hesitate to jump! Earn a high score by picking up all bonuses if possible. You are not put under time pressure, thus enjoy achievement unblocked game to your wish. Nevertheless, the sooner this cute elephant comes back home, the higher score you may retrieve. Remember, the maximum reach of point is up to 100. Then, let’s check out how many scores you are probably gaining through this expedition, fellows!

How To Play Achievement Unlocked 2

Use the left/right arrow keys to move between left or right.
Press up arrow key to jump over blocks

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